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Air Compressor on Rentals

Enter the rental unit for temporarily purpose or for a short time period in outside of the plant and also inside the plant. Generally a rental air compressor can be had in any cfm or pressure rating, but typically the rental units tend to range from 70 up to 500 cfm and 125 psi. Larger compressors can be had short-term, but there is some wait time while they are shipped to your location.

Other considerations before you rent are the type of compressor needed- diesel or gas, or electric. Usually these are trailer-mounted and delivered to your site and are generally located outside of your facility. They can be tied into your system via hoses that we can supply with your input on the length of the run.

Many of the same considerations you gave to your compressor when you bought it will need to be addressed when you think about a rental. Is there an electrical source near where the rental will live? What about refueling? Do you have easy access to the rental unit?

Also think about the quality of air you’re taking in to compress, and the quality of air you need delivered to your plant. Dryers and filters may need to be added to your rental system.

Stuff happens. It’s one of life’s unbreakable rules. Stuff also tends to happen when it’s most inconvenient.

So when something does happen to your air compressor- and even the compressors that have been meticulously maintained sometimes break down- you’ll need to be prepared.

What if we told you that you could even anticipate the need for a rental long before the need arises? If you’re designing or building a plant, think about how you would handle a rental compressor delivery and installation and plan accordingly.

A little forethought can save you a major headache later.

As always- if you need a rental or even worry that someday you might, contact our experts and we can get you started, and keep you up and running.