The place of installation is often ignored. We often install it as our please after purchase. The result little imagining so carelessly but forms compressor trouble maintenance in the future difficulty and reason that the compressed air character harmfully waits . So selecting the good installation place is the prerequisite correctly using the compressor.

  1. Choosing the good broad and bright place is favour of examine and repair .

  2. The relative humidity of air is suitable low, the dust is few, and the peace and quiet just ventilation of air is good.

  3. The ambient temperature must be lower than 40 ¡æs, because of the ambient temperature is higher, but the capacity sending out the air of compressor is fewer.

  4. If the factory environment is bad and the dust is many, place filtering ,the users must install filtering equipment before use the compress air.

  5. Obligate the thoroughfare in advance or if your have condition that your can installing the sky-vehicle for maintain.

  6. The distance between the compressor and the wall must more than 70 centimeters.

  7. The distance between the top of the compressor and the housetop must more than one meter.

  8. Wind cold machine had better should have exhaust fan or lead tuber pipe is it produce outdoors to lead hot wind, prevent hot-blast circulation from getting the draught of entering.

Notice proceeding of tubing pipe, foundation and cooling system

Notice proceeding of tubing air pipe

  • When tubing the main pipe ,the pipe must have gradient of gradient of 1 in order to exhaust the cooling water.

  • The pressure of pipe must lower than design pressure 5% of compressor, so the pipe is better choice the big diameter.

  • The lateral pipeline must join form the top of the main pipeline in case cooling water flow into the machine. So, the exit pipe of the compress air is better use the single valve .
  • If a few machines install in line, ball valve or automatism drain valve is must installed in the end of the main pipe to let the cooling water.

  • The main pipe does not reduce wantonly. The user must use gradually contract pipe if the pipe must be reduce or blow up in case mix flow to loss pressure and reduce the life of the pipeline.

  • If there are compressed air receiver and dryer and so on, the ideal pipeline are the compressor add the gas and water separator add compressed air receiver add preceding filter add drier add back filter add refined filter. So the compressed air receiver can remove partly cooling water and depress temperature of compressed air. The air which lower temperature and water enter the drier that can reduce burthen of drier and filter .

  • If the user need a lot of compressed air in a short time, the compressed air receiver must be fixed . This method can reduce the times of on-loading and off-loading and keep the machine credibility running. In general, the content of compressed air receiver is 20% of the exhaust air.?

  • If the system pressure is less than 1.5MPa, the flow speed in the pipe must less than 15m/sec in case reduce the pressure.

  • The elbow and valve is used little in the pipe in case reduce pressure.

  • The ideal pipeline is the main pipeline circle the whole workshop, so, the user can use the compressed air in any place. Reducing pressure difference if the certain branch line increases greatly suddenly .For examining and repairing the circle pipeline must install vavle.


  • Foundation should be built on the qualitative ground .Before installation, the ground must be leveled in case give rise to noise form shake.

  • If the compressor is installed in the upstairs, the user must do well against shaking in case shake send to downstairs or give rise to resonance that danger to compressor and the whole building.

  • The screw compressor is not need fixed foundation because little shake. But the ground must smoothness and is not flexible oil. It is better to spread 5-10mm soft-mat or shockproof mat in the bottom of the compressor in case shack and noise.

Cooling System

  • You must think over the ventilation environment when choosing wind-cooling compressor.You need not install the compressor in the side of high temperature equipment in case the compressor inhalation high temperature air to destroy the unit.

  • When the compressor is installed in the smaller space, the wind equipment must be installed to quicken the air circulate. The capacity of wind equipment must more than the cooling fan and the place of convulsion rim must suit the compressor.