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Quality Assurance

Dear users : Please fill out Acknowledgement of quality and sent it to service department first in time after purchase air compressor of Roteck Compressor. In the context that the machine is used and maintenance according to Instruction, we give a guarantee 12 months from the date of delivery or 6 months from the date of debagging (Subject to prior expiration) except consumables core of air filter, oil filter, oil-gas separator, cooling oil.

  1. If there were some quality problems during the term of quality assurance , please contact us by the quality assurance acknowledgement or the number of acknowledgement. We would send someone repair the machine or you sent the bad parts to our company after we check up the acknowledgement. The whole process is free.

  2. The upkeep and repair of Roteck machine must be charged with Roteck or service center which is accredit by Roteck, otherwise we do not pay the piper and assume responsibility.

  3. The following descriptions are not fall within the prescribed limits of guaranteeing a product.

    1. The fault is down to human error which is self-demount the main part of compressor or high-speed system control parts and so on.

    2. The reverse direction fault is attributable to by the wrong of terminal block.

    3. The machine or body accident was put down to self-demount the safety value.

    4. The fault is assigned to self-refit the compressor unit.

    5. The fault was set down to the environment which do not conform specification.

  4. The product is readied by the Roteck engineer before sell, so, the user do not make an unauthorized change.

  5. According to instruction because the function have reference to working condition and the set time.

  6. If the quality fault is emerge after the period of quality assurance, we still would provide the most advantageous manner. We only charge for materials.