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Screw Compressors | A Proper Maintenance Guide

Here we will read a bit closer at screw compressor technology.


The Screw element was first refined in 1930, Screw compressors have been utilized in air and sundry refrigeration and process applications for a great number of years. The essential rule of a screw compressor is as the male and female rotors are turning inverse way they attract air between them.

As the air advances along the rotors the air is compacted as the volume space between the rotors diminishes, consequently making packed air that is uproot to the power source. The speed of the rotors is streamlined at a specific level to limit mechanical losses (because of warmth at exceptionally faster speed) and volumetric losses (air losses because of low speed).

In recent years, declining pressures in natural gas fields have made screw air compressors a very alluring alternative and supplement to reciprocating machines because they provide a very flexible, highly reliable alternative for low-pressure applications. A well-maintained screw air compressor can provide thousands of hours of unimpeded performance. 

We have a 100 % duty cycle screw compressor, Various series screw compressor robust components mean it can withstand temperature of up to 47* C ambient temperature.

Benefits Of Screw Compressor Device

Perhaps you associate each screw compressor with beating commotions. While the vast majority of different kinds are known for high effect, the screw air compressor is a lot of smoother. The resulting calm activity and insignificant danger of floods give greater soundness. This is not to say they don’t vibrate by any means. The main contrast is that they don’t create sway vibration.

Moreover, this element improves decrease in energy loss. For bigger frameworks, this advantage will be more significant and effective on the primary concern. At first, screw compressor were costly attributable to the tight resilience required. Over the long run, the assembling costs have gone down as the cycle has gotten simpler.

Performance Prediction Methods For Screw Compressors


Precise execution expectations are fundamental for determination and plan of proficient screw compressor and their systems. During screw air compressor improvements, dependable execution information can significantly limit the expensive and tedious testing of actual models. Programming bundles for screw compressor may incorporate different execution expectation strategies to permit both, choice of screw compressor for a specific application and execution forecast in the plan of another machine.

An examination was done at “Howden Compressors Limited” with the point of exploring diverse execution forecast strategies for their new age screw compressor determination programming. This paper means to give an outline of the techniques right now utilized for anticipating the exhibition of screw compressor These incorporate exact, logical and mathematical strategies which are utilized in item improvement, determination programming just as in the plan of screw compressor systems for refrigeration and petroleum gas industry applications.

Why Regular Maintenance Of The Screw Compressor Is Needed?

Like all compressors, screw models do require periodic maintenance. Thanks to the simplicity of the internal components, maintenance is relatively facile on most screw air compressors. As long as you stick to a screw compressor maintenance schedule, you will likely be rewarded with many, many years of optimal productivity from your machine.

Obviate Emergency Repairs 

One of the most immensely colossal risks of an eccentric screw air compressor maintenance schedule is the chance of sudden, unexpected emergencies. If you only inspect your compressor at infrequent, anomalous intervals, you are not keeping track of how it performs on the inside.

Even if the compressor seems fine from the outside and was purchased a few years back, there could still be some internal issues taking root inside that you can’t see. In a worst-case scenario, your compressor might stop functioning for some reason that could be hard to pinpoint. Therefore, with consistent, periodic maintenance, you can pinpoint issues early and can fix them immediately.

Saves Time and Money

When you stick to a screw compressor maintenance schedule, you truncate the jeopardy of system downtime at unexpected intervals. With routine checkups, you can spot potential issues the moment they arise, a fore they get out of hand and grow into more earnest issues. The earlier you identify an issue, the more facile and less costly it is to remedy.

In many cases, a quandary detected early can be rectified in a few minutes with no money spent. Routine maintenance additionally preserves time in the long run. In any industry, system downtime is costly and time-consuming. With customary screw air compressor maintenance, you lower the jeopardy of costly downtime.

Boosts Your Compressor’s Life Expectancy

When you stick to a screw air compressor maintenance schedule, you can elongate the screw compressor’s life expectancy. Over the years that you utilize the machine, you could ultimately get a better return on your initial investment by inspecting the compressor. As with any motorized machine, a screw air compressor will generally last longer when it is well-maintained and inspected according to a rigorous schedule. Routine maintenance can turn your initial investment into a cyclopean return.



  • The Automobile and manufacturing industry utilizes it for air apparatuses, plasma cutting, plasma welding, item completing, and air circulation. Blower frameworks are basically material all through each section of the automotive assembling and and its maintenance measures.
  • Try not to bargain your mechanical operation. Contact a specialist in design, establishment, and line fitting with respect to air compressor frameworks. Indeed, even as you contact the dealer, you need to arm yourself with however much information as could be expected about these frameworks.
  • Screw compressors are not difficult to work, yet they offer various advantages, including low force utilization, smooth activity, and high pressing factor comparative with different kinds. They can be the smartest option for improving your more seasoned framework to acquire better return.
  • Screw compressors are commonly utilized in a variety of process gas, process refrigeration, and natural gas applications, including individual wellhead boosters, low-pressure amassing systems, low stage boosters to subsisting reciprocating machines, fuel gas compression, solution gas, and vapor recuperation compression systems.
  • The most immense concern of people is potential oil contamination when screw compressors are applied in clumsy applications. A simple process simulation to review the worst case suction and discharge pressures, maximum inlet temperature, and the gas analysis can determine if a screw compressor can be applied in these applications.

Why it is important to inspect the parts of the screw air compressor on a periodic basis?

Screw air compressors are constructed to last for many years for heftily ponderous-obligation operations. That verbally expressed, screw air compressors do have their circumscriptions and to be inspected on a periodic substratum to ascertain top-rated overall performance at some stage in their life expectancy.

A screw air compressor includes numerous key internal components that might put on down over the years in case you don’t provide them well-timed inspections. It is additionally paramount to inspect the main components of the screw air compressor i.e., the air end and the drive train, which respectively pressurize the air and drive the mechanisms of the screw compressor as well as motors and filters on a periodic and restore the lubricants when compulsory.

Air filter checks

 Air filters and their accompanying elements will be some of the most commonly superseded components on your compressor’s list. Daily inspections are important though do not go longer than a week between checkups for frequently powered units. Most air filters can be cleaned for optimal and facile maintenance, though whole air filter replacement is required in the end.

Oil filter and separator inspections

If your screw air compressor machine is oil-injection lubricated a daily oil level check inspection should be done. Whenever you replace the lubricant, be sure you also change out the separator element.

Regular stage control testing

A screw compressor’s stage controller monitors the entire machine. It not only provides safety readings like tank capacity, load and speed settings, or temperature checks but automatically controls the system from any danger. Check pre-set limits and levels customarily to ascertain your motor shuts off or runs at low-capacity when salubrious, as well as reads pressure levels right.

Other Parts and Things to Check

In integration to the periodic cleaning, lubrication, and changing of components, you must check the following points along with the screw air compressor.

Air dryer performance

• Amps

• Oil level

• Temperatures

• Vibration

• Voltage

Inspect the screw compressor for any oil or air leaks. Also check the pneumatic hoses for air leaks, as leakage rigorously minimizes the efficiency of the screw air compressor.

Furthermore, ascertain the coolers are free of dirt. You should do an in-depth system maintenance check and part cleaning every few weeks for peak screw compressor performance.

How often screw compressors maintenance is required?

After every 1,000 to 3,000 hours of operation, the filters of your air compressor should be inspected and serviced as compulsory. For best results, stick to the screw compressor maintenance checklist included in your injunctive authorization manual. Intervals vary greatly from unit to unit.

Daily Maintenance

At the terminus of each working day, check the control panel exhibits on your air compressor to ascertain that the readings are mundane. Additionally, ascertain that the gauges are congruously set according to the designations of your make and model. As a guide for these inspections, refer back to the records of anterior days and months to ascertain that the quantification remain consistent over time.

Perform these optical discernment for each mode of operation, regardless of whether or not you run the machine at full load. If the readings commence to deviate from the records despite a lack of adjustments, it is time to inspect your air compressor.

Quarterly and Biannual Maintenance

Over the course of 3,000 hours of avail, changes are liable to occur within the compressor that can alter certain settings to the detriment of your system’s health.

  • Daily Inspections
  • Quarterly basis
  • Major Overhaul

You can inspect the condensate drain and clean it on a weekly basis. As well as you can take a record of the readings on the compressor, motor, and gearbox. Refer back to the user’s manual of your screw air compressor and can check that the settings and readings remain consistent with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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